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How did it all come together

Guest blogging is never just “submit and go!” type of thing. It takes persistence, determination, and careful planning to achieve satisfying results. The traditional way of guest posting has always been done using Email as the main method of communication and content delivery.

But, if your goal is to guest post at scale, this way — Email — of management proves futile in both productivity and the delivery of results.

And because we have firsthand experience of dealing with back to back clients who need guest posting services, it made perfect sense to solve this gap by creating our own product — Accessily.

“Digital Marketing shouldn’t be unpredictable. Our mission is to give you the right tools to ensure that you are always running highly-relevant and targeted guest blogging campaigns.”

Who are we and what do we do

Accessily was created and developed by Amit Iluz, and officially founded in January, 2018. Since then, the platform has grown to more than 25,000 unique listings for guest post opportunities.

Our platform simplifies the entire guest post management process.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to purchase guest posts for yourself or a client you are working for. Our thoughtfully designed platform helps you streamline the entire process of writing content, negotiating opportunities, and finalizing the publishing process.

We manually check and analyze each individual listing to ensure high-quality opportunities, and to deliver world-class customer service.

With Accessily, you will always be able to communicate directly with the publisher and negotiate terms that meet your standards.

Why Accessily And Not Other Platforms

It’s not just productivity that has motivated us to create Accessily. It’s also profits and margins — the gap between prices and offers on public websites is too large to consider competitive.

Fiverr, BlackHatWorld, Upwork, and other similar platforms provide inconsistent results without any guarantees. At Accessily, we pride ourselves in great customer service, and provide a guarantee for customer satisfaction.

“We are the first and leading all-in-one digital marketplace for purchasing and managing guest posts.”

Here are the advantages to using our marketplace:

  • All communication is done inside our platform. No need for Emails or sending CSV files. We provide everything in-house!

  • You can browse publishers from multiple categories and communicate with each publisher directly.

  • You can review publisher profiles and check their reviews.

  • Write content or hire writers from within the marketplace.

  • We’ll never hold your money if you didn’t get what you pay for. Our money-back guarantee is available for up to 180 days.

“We strive to work and collaborate together with the most recognizable brands online.”

Our Story So Far

Since our launch in early 2018 -- Accessily has managed to grow at a tremendous rate. Once again proving that there is immense demand for reliable and high-quality guest posts.

Not only have we added more than 25,000 listings to our database, we are also actively developing new tools and features to make the guest posting process even easier for our customers.

By listening to and understanding customer feedback, we have been able to work on features that make Accessily the best guest posting marketplace on the planet.

Our marketplace includes more than 30 unique categories, allowing you to narrow down your search to very precise listings. This has also been one of our customers’ favorite features. Why? Because sites like Fiverr often focus on single-pointed sites without any relevancy or categorization.

“With Accessily, you can find guest post opportunities that are truly relevant to your niche, your brand, and your products.”

Our Vision for The Future

As our platform continues to grow and expand -- we retain a clear focus on our vision. To make it easier for you to find guest post opportunities. To make the process smarter. And most importantly, to help you make smarter business decisions.

We will continue to adapt and expand our platform to meet the demands of our great customers. As marketers ourselves, we are constantly learning about the bottlenecks in the guest posting industry, and this allows us to ensure that Accessily remains relevant and fit for modern requirements.

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